Why Choose Richard L. Lionberger, Commercial Arbitrator

Tough commercial disputes require an arbitrator with a balance of legal knowledge and corporate experience. To receive a fair resolution to your situation, You need an arbitrator who understands the issues facing multinational businesses and has the industry experience to navigate through difficult challenges. You need a neutral, even-handed decision maker you can trust to reach a successful resolution based on the facts and the law.

An Engineering Background

Some issues facing companies in the oil and gas sector may benefit from the point of view of an arbitrator with an engineering background. Richard has a history as a petroleum and drilling engineer supervising drilling operations all over the world. As a result, he looks at disputes that arise between commercial businesses with a unique combination of an engineer’s attention to detail, the experience gained from operations, and a lawyer’s knowledge of international legal and regulatory frameworks. He understands and utilizes up-to-date tools and technology to meet with the participants in the dispute, wherever they may be located, helping them to efficiently and economically reach a fair and just resolution.

A Corporate Perspective

Richard Lionberger has more than 35 years of experience in business and corporate law, including over a decade serving as in-house general counsel for publicly traded, multinational companies. In that time, he has encountered just about every type of commercial dispute. As an attorney in private practice, He has worked with individual entrepreneurs and large corporations to resolve legal and regulatory challenges, balancing worries about legal expenses with the practical realities of business.

Oil, Gas, and Maritime Experience

Sometimes, the nuances within a commercial dispute require an arbitrator who comes to the table with specific industry experience. Richard has decades of experience working as both in-house and retained counsel helping companies navigate the complexities of the international offshore oil and gas industry. His experience in establishing, maintaining, and resolving conflicts surrounding offshore drilling rigs and international shipping arrangements provides insight into the challenges companies face in arranging international business deals. Richard’s extensive knowledge of maritime law and practices makes him particularly well suited to resolve disputes related to offshore drilling and supply vessels as well as other types of vessels.

Hearings for International Disputes

Arranging the schedules of busy executives, attorneys, witnesses and other party representatives is never an easy thing. When those parties are from different parts of the world, the logistics can become even more difficult. Richard Lionberger makes use of all the latest technology to permit secure electronic submission of arbitration materials, testimony and exhibits, and is happy to participate in virtual hearings when distance, timing, or circumstances might make it difficult to meet in one location for arbitration proceedings.

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