Referring Clients to
Richard L. Lionberger

Attorneys across the United States and internationally have worked with Attorney Richard Lionberger to better address the needs of their clients. Whether you intend to hand off the project, or collaborate on solving the matter, Richard is happy to work with lawyers, solicitors, and other professionals to give their clients the services they need.

Putting Your Client’s Needs First

When you connect a client or friend with Richard for help with their small business or corporate legal issue, you can be certain he will give them individualized attention and provide service tailored to suit their needs. Richard treats every client as a relationship, taking the time to get to know the people, business, and issues involved, so the clients’ priorities always stay top of mind.

Serving as Local Counsel for Multinational Corporations

Richard can act as local counsel in Colorado or Texas, representing multinational corporations headquartered abroad. He will work with corporate counsel and other regional representatives to protect your clients’ interests.

Providing In-Depth Knowledge on Maritime and Regulatory Matters

Richard has decades of experience navigating sometimes complicated regulations around international maritime law. He can provide legal advice and assistance on a wide variety of maritime and regulatory business transactions, and can act as an outside resource to your existing legal team, supplementing your ability to serve your client.

Collaborating with In-House Counsel

Richard’s support services also extend to midsize and large companies and organizations with their own in-house counsel. He can act as a liaison between litigators, financial professionals, and busy staff attorneys, and can come into the team on a per-project basis to relieve pressure on existing staff members.

Referring Clients to Richard L. Lionberger, Attorney

Whether you are looking for help on a complex business transaction, need an independent attorney to avoid a conflict of interest, or have a friend who needs a hand with their new small business, Richard is here to help. Contact Richard Lionberger, in Denver, Colorado, to schedule an introductory call, and see how he can help you meet your business goals.